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Guia - Remover spam/bots/scam do chat box

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Guia para àqueles que não suportam spam no GE.


1 - Abra Runelite

2 - Abra a aba de plugins / configurações

3 - Vai em Chat filter e clica na engrenagem / configure

4 -  Cole o seguinte em "Filtered Regex"

  1. ^Quitting.*?search
  2. ^Quitting giving \d+% of what you show in trade
  3. Buying(.*?\d+[mbk]| all (good|valuable|expensive) items)
  4. ((sell|trade) me|(looking to )?buy|spending|any(1|one) have)(.*?)([\d,]+[kmb]|pay|over GE price|very good offer)
  5. join.*?(clan chat|cc)
  6. new player or veteran
  7. you can be the final piece to our puzzle
  8. come ".*?" with us during quarantine in ".*?" cc
  9. swap (your )?(rs3|osrs|gold|gp)
  10. ((some|any)(one|1|body)?)?( swapp?|buy|sell)(ing)? (rs3|osrs|gold|gp)
  11. \[(Beware|Warning)\]
  12. (.*?(anti ?scam|sceptre|scepter|lure(rs)?)){2}
  13. ^Lurers will make you lose your skull to make you think you dont risk
  14. ^When you hop to a PVP world you are instantly skulled!
  15. (.*?(Swap|Drop party|cc|clan|host)){2}
  16. .*?is a (lurer|scammer)
  17. (Lurers to )?ignore: ?([\[-].*?[\]-])+
  18. ^(2b for *?\?|offer for 2b|show inv for 2b\?)
  19. ^Show( me your)? (bank value|inven?tory) for (max cash|\d+% more)
  20. ^Max cash for all bank
  21. ^Accepting all junk donations clean up your banks
  22. ^[\d ]+$
  23. ((some|any)(one|1|body)?|who can|could you|please)(possibly|maybe|please|plz|able to|help|me| )*?(give|spare|loan|donate|help me)(like|some| )*([\d,]+[kmb]|(a )?bond|coins|gps?|money)
  24. ^(I need|Does anyone have|Whos holding out on the|) (bronze|iron|steel|black|addy|rune)?([a-Z]+ )(bronze|iron|steel|black|addy|rune)?
  25. (need.*?(\d,?)[kmb] (for|to)|loan\.? (me )?a) bond
  26. ^I need rune scim pls help
  27. (dsc|d[il\|íịìỉĩ]scord).gg
  28. tw[il\|íịìỉĩ]tch.tv
  29. (.*?(Drop ?party|Give ?away|tw[il\|íịìỉĩ]tch|d[il\|íịìỉĩ]scord|\d[kmb] (Welcome )?bonus|ttv/)){2}
  30. (Join) (.*? on )?(twitch|discord|'.*?')
  31. ^\s*\d+[kmb] \+ stream live now!
  32. ^\s*Come win big on stream
  33. ^What do you prefer cash or tokens\?
  34. ^I buy it with (my )?main\, my main name is "bournos"
  35. ^Please someone gi[vm]e
  36. ^(help me|need|need help) [\d,]+[kmb]
  37. ^Here take teleport im at camelot bank
  38. ^Trade for free .*?!+
  39. ^(I )?(just )?n[en]ed (gear|(a )?bond)
  40. ^Free .*?Show inventory
  41. ^Free [a-z ]+!+
  42. ^Show inventory for space
  43. ^Can someone buy me
  44. ^(Bank sale|Selling my bank) [\d,]+[mkb] for all
  45. ^(Borrowing|spare) \d+[kmb]
  46. ^Spare some gps pl(ease|z|[o0]x)
  47. ^Anyone have a spare
  48. ^*\d+[mkb] (pl(s|z|ease|0x)) ?for bond
  49. (Help with getting|buy me)( a)? bond
  50. ^Trading up
  51. ^take advice or items
  52. ^(Prize Paid|Game id):
  53. (.*?(roll|bets?|billions|dice|payout|gamble(g[iu]rl[sz])?|host|w[io]n|los[et])){2}
  54. (.*?(play|win|[\d,]+[mkb]|craps|jackpot|poker|slots|fight|high|low|pa(y|id) ?out)){3}
  55. .*give me my \d+(mil|m|k) back fucking scammer
  56. ^Buying all burnt food!+
  57. ^Trade accepted for [\d\,]+[kmb] @
  58. ^buying burnt food and crushed gems
  59. selling (arma|bandos) plate [\d,][kmb]
  60. ^Doubling money
  61. #\d{4}.*?Discord
  62. \{Type (!.\,? ?)+}.*? \| .*
  63. \d+[kmb] paid to .*? @
  64. .*? traded in \d+[kmb] @
  65. .*? rolled \d+
  66. ^Pmod lives matter
  67. Win a Twisted bow
  68. next \d+ players get
  69. ^Infernal cape service by
  70. ^Cheapest and safest infernal cape
  72. (Join us|Play) @ \((\d ?)+\) Varrock West Bank Vault
  73. ^\(\d{3,4}\)
  74. (\d+×\d+)
  75. dutchunited
  76. runebet
  77. Fr[ëèéê]{2}
  78. roul[ëèéê]tt[ëèéê]
  79. ^Dancing for money
  80. ^Any big boys want to help me out\?
  81. ^Please donate I'?m so poor
  82. ^New to the game need some starting cash
  83. ^I'?v'?e been blessed by the great shaman to dance away bad luck! Try it today
  84. ^Down on your luck\? My dances will change that
  85. ^My dances bring good luck to those who choose to help
  86. ^The pact has been sealed.*?this next dance i bless you
  87. ^Can anyone help( me out)?\?
  88. ^Rain dancing your bad luck away for coins
  89. ^Need some gold/food for quests!
  90. ^Any strong men fancy helping me out\?
  91. ^Just starting out need some money to quest
  92. ^![a-z]$
  93. (.*?(buy|sell|bulk)){2}

5 - Também recomendo botar o seguinte em 'filtered names', para evitar qualquer tipo de mensagem dos bot de "casino"



6- Mais abaixo em 'Filter type' muda para "Remove message" ou alguma outra de sua preferência. 

7 - profit.


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  1. ^Any big boys want to help me out\?







Ex Metal Massive Attack - Trial > Viking > Althing 

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Só passo dando report, e já vai pra ignore. Semanalmente limpo a lista.

Fico pouco no GE.


It just started pouring rain here in Texas, and I realized I left my phone  in my car. - GIF on Imgur

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obrigado lindão ❤️  coisa chata da porra você dar uma passada no GE e só ver bots lixos spammando 



 Wilderland General - 15/08/11 

Wilderland Council - 10/12/20 ~ Advisor - 21/01/21 ~ Officer - 31/03/21





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carai pog

mto bom

Santista, Sansseiro, Sanssudo, Sanssossa, Sandependência, Sanssarrada, Sanssado, Sansuco, Sanssola, Sanssadeiro.


"A gente não tem muita gente bom, mas a gente tem alguns que são bom, só que os nosso bons são muito bons, então os nossos bons são mais bons que os bons dos outros" - 96, Diogo 

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