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  2. Boa markitão, max cape vem forte.
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  4. Porra, te incentivei e nem me chamou, sad =(
  5. We’re taking things to the Nex level – well, an old level, technically – with the return of Nex! Veja a novidade completa!
  6. Olá, galera Depois de vários meses upando apenas algumas horas por dia semi afk, conseguir o Mining 99. Obrigado por todos que vieram.
  7. We will be introducing additional measures in the coming months to counter real world trading (RWT). Veja a novidade completa!
  8. We're back with Group Ironman changes, feedback and the next chapter of KillerFishy's GIM Comic! Veja a novidade completa!
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  10. Get ready to forge a team of Ironmen and become legends in Old School's all-new Co-Op Ironman Game Mode. Veja a novidade completa!
  11. Group Ironman launches tomorrow! The time has finally come to forge a team and become legends in this whole new way to play Old School RuneScape! Veja a novidade completa!
  12. Leagues III - Shattered Relics is coming. Find out about all the rewards on offer in the most open and versatile League to date! Veja a novidade completa!
  13. The Gielinor Gazette is back and kicking off October in style! Check out updates from the team, new J-Mods and the return of the Postbag from the Hedge. Veja a novidade completa!
  14. The game will be taken offline at the usual time of 11:30 BST (following a 30 minute countdown) for server maintenance. Veja a novidade completa!
  15. This week's stream was BIG! The team discussed huge topics including Deadman, Polling, Account Security and more! All while talking about Nex and upcoming econo Veja a novidade completa!
  16. We'd like to share an update on the recent Group Ironman poll. Veja a novidade completa!
  17. Check out the first batch of Wilderness updates along with the last remaining Equipment Rebalance changes. Veja a novidade completa!
  18. Our investigations into the Deadman Reborn Final are still ongoing, but we'd like to update you on what we've discussed so far. Veja a novidade completa!
  19. The wait is over. The ultimate PvP tournament is reaching its brutal conclusion! Veja a novidade completa!
  20. In this short blog we'll be talking about the Age Appropriate Design Code and changes we've made as a studio in line with the new law. Veja a novidade completa!
  21. Enjoy Gielinor through a different lens, thanks to 117Scape's HD plugin. Available via the community-developed RuneLite client. Veja a novidade completa!
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